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My name is Xavier and I’m a patient of Dr. E’s.  About 2 months ago I had a motorcycle accident on a Hyavorso, got ran off the road by a teenage driver.  Bad sleeping problems, bad headache problems, my stomach wasn’t feeling right…Dr. E’s probably the best doctor I’ve ever seen.  He came and explained, he pulled out his little diagram and explained where the pain was coming from, which once you know what you’re up against, it always make it better.  I recommend that everybody see a chiropractor, especially this one.  Well his time might be taken, but this,  he made everything better and explained it from the spine and how it works to my hips and how they work and definitely to keep my wallet out of my back pocket.  So this has been very good, he’s very professional in the way that he does things, his touch, he does have a doctor’s touch, his bed side manner is great you know what I’m saying and all around a great person.  So this is somebody who can explain to you and help you feel better and educate you about it at the same time, you can’t beat that, you can’t beat that.  And I sleep better at night, I try my best to never miss an appointment unless I’m out of town.  Best thing that I ever did was to come see the Dr. E, appreciate that!
Denver Chiropractor Robert Ebeling DC, PC of
A-Just-A-Ble Chiropractic Center
1380 S Santa Fe Dr #103
Denver, CO 80223
(303) 377-1755

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