ABC Advanced Biostructural Correction

ABC Advanced Biostructural Correction

ABC Advanced Biostructural Correction is a chiropractic technique that focuses on posture correction.  It is one of the more advanced chiropractic treatments available today because  it helps identify exactly which bone is out of alignment in your spine, causing or contributing to your bad posture.   Some of the things that are different with this technique are the first rib adjustment which will help you to breathe better.  The whole system is based on the work of Dr. Alfred Brieg and his book Adverse Mechanical Tension in the Central Nervous System.  Some of the adjustments also include what is called a “Meningeal Release” and is quite powerful.

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The reason that ABC Advanced Biostructural Correction works so well is because it isolates exactly which bone is out of alignment in your spine affecting your posture.  Let me explain how.  The bones of your spine move.  Sometimes they move and get knocked out of place.  Your body has a built in way to correct some of these misaligned vertebrae and you have experienced this for yourself.  In the past you have twisted your spine or your neck and something popped on it’s own.  That is because when the bone moves out of place it shifts off to the left or the right or even moves backwards.  You have muscles along the spine that can pull it back into place.  But if this same bone were to move forward and get stuck, there are no muscles behind your back in space to pull it backwards again.  When I check your spine, I push each bone forward just a little bit to see if that aggravates your postural misalignment.  If I see a positive reaction, I know that bone is part of the problem because I momentarily pushed the bone further into misalignment.

In ABC Advanced Biostructural Correction a positive reaction is seen when I check your skull immediately afterwards and check for unleveling of the skull towards the side of your postural breakdown.  I know which side is your “breakdown” side because of a simple chair test using a magazine that you sit on.  The magazine is placed under one butt cheek at a time and we look to see if you feel even or tilted to one side.  The magazine basically creates an artificial misalignment but it compounds what is already going on in your spine.  I then know what to look for when I analyze your spine.

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