Cox Flexion Distraction

Cox Flexion Distraction

Cox flexion distraction is the best non surgical treatment for a herniated lumbar disc.  Similar to spinal decompression, the goal is to remove pressure from a herniated disc.  The only difference between the two techniques is that with Cox flexion distraction the doctor has full control over how much pressure or traction is applied.  In the spinal decompression technique, the machine does all the work and if something is not set right there’s no quick release.

One thing you will often see with a herniated disc is leg pain, also known as sciatica, as well as loss of muscle strength along with the back pain. Sometimes it is so bad you actually will lose the normal neurological reflex in the leg like this patient. In this video the disc at L5/S1 is affected which is the very bottom one in your spine and pinches the nerve going to the calf muscle.Watch what happens below before and after with correct chiropractic treatment using Cox flexion distraction and an upper cervical adjustment.  This is the power of chiropractic!

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