I know all about vertigo and it’s treatment using the Epley maneuver from personal experience. That’s because a few years back I suffered from a severe case of vertigo myself for about 30 days before I discovered this treatment.

This is my story.  My wife had gone to the supermarket and brought home some sushi and wine for dinner (Mistake #1).  All seemed fine until about the middle of the night when I got sick and felt like I had to vomit. As I got out of bed, I almost fell over due to the extreme dizziness that I experienced.

I thought it was just food poisoning but one of my eyes was twitching very hard as well which I had never experienced before.  That’s called nystagmus when the eye does that and is part of the vertigo from an inner ear problem.

In the morning when I woke up I still had severe dizziness but it was more like the room was spinning. At that point I knew it was vertigo and not dizziness.   And it would happen whenever I would lay down or change positions.  I felt totally helpless and didn’t know what to do.  I kept hoping it would go away on it’s own but it didn’t.  I had this condition for 30 days until I discovered the Epley maneuver.   So I can totally sympathize with your current situation.

The good news is that typically it only takes 1 treatment to get rid of the vertigo at my office using the Epley maneuver.  I feel like God let me experience this problem so that I could help others who suffer with vertigo.

Here are some people I helped.



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