Gall Bladder as a Cause of Upper Back and Right Shoulder Pain and What to Do About it

gallbladder-painSee if you fit this 4 “F” profile of a gall bladder patient.  Female, Forty, Fat, Fertile.  Well I don’t fit any of those but I suspect my gall bladder is giving me issue.  I’ve been having upper back pain for a week now close to my spine on the right side around the 4th or 5th Thoracic vertebrae.  That area is classically associated with gall bladder.  The pain is mostly gone now thanks to a series of adjustments with my own chiropractor but I thought it would not be a bad idea to do some house cleaning with a gall bladder flush.  A flush that will push out any gall stones that may have developed.  I did this flush a couple years back and it definitely gave me good results.  I could see stones in my bowel movement the next morning.  My younger sister also had her gall bladder surgically removed so I know this could be an issue for me as well.  I’ll detail how to do the flush and why the gall bladder gets affected in the first place.

It’s interesting from Chinese acupuncture and medicine that they feel the underlying cause of illness are your internal emotions.  And each emotion affects a specific body organ.  Anger affects the liver which makes bile used for digestion of fats.  Attached to your liver is your gall bladder.  The gall bladder takes this bile and stores it and concentrates it for future use.  Now imagine that the anger you’re feeling in your life never gets resolved because the problems never get resolved.  What emotion will you be experiencing?  Yep, it’s called Resentment.  Does this mean that 40 year old moms have a lot of resentment?  Maybe so, let’s go ask one.  But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with a gall bladder giving you back pain if you are willing to try a home remedy.

Now you can Google this remedy.  I’m not making it up on my own.  It’s been around for years.  Basically you want to get the stones out of your gall bladder in a natural manner.  The first step is to get the stones “soft enough” so they can pass through bile duct without issue.  The remedy has always been to drink as much apple juice as you can for a week prior to doing the flush.  Why apple juice?  It is rich with Malic Acid which will soften the stones.  But who wants to drink all those calories and sugar?  Not me.  Especially since right now 1 out of 4 people are diabetic and don’t even know it.  So I shopped around at the Vitamin stores and was able to pick up a bottle of Malic Acid 800 mg capsules from Natural Grocers with 100 capsules. They were the only ones to carry it.   Perfect.  I’ll just take the bottle over the course of the next week and by the weekend I’ll be ready.

The next step you want to do on the weekend because you will be in the bathroom.  I’ll probably wait until Saturday night to do it.  Eat a normal dinner and then before going to bed consume an 8 oz glass of olive oil mixed with a tablespoon of Epsom Salt and some lemon juice to make it palatable.  The Epsom salt will cause the smooth muscle in the sphincter of the gall bladder duct to relax allowing the stones to pass through without issue.  The olive oil will cause the gall bladder to dump the accumulated bile into the intestines and stones along with it.  Pull your right knee up to your chest as well and lay on your right side so gravity can help.

The last time I did this I also felt refreshed emotionally.

Disclaimer:  This article should not be construed as medical advice.  Always consult your doctor or medical professional before doing anything.

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