Herniated Disc Treatment Denver Colorado

“Hi it’s Dr. Ebeling and today we’re going to do a test for a herniated disc. This patient came all the way from Russia, and we suspect it’s an L5/S1 disc. On this side we’ll do a neurological reflex and watch the foot here, normal reflex. On this side, see, no reflex. So this is a flexion distraction table, specifically for herniated discs. The L5/S1 disc is right here in the back, take a breath in and out. So this is the good side, she has the reflex, oh there it goes! Ok, so we took pressure off that disc and it restored normal function of that deep tendon reflex at L5/S1. Hi my name is Sonya, and my sister Dilbar, she flew all the way back from Russia, she has a herniated disc problem for a number of years and the local doctors suggested surgery, obviously she didn’t want to do surgery, she has 2 kids and surgery takes a long recovery time so we figured it would be best if she can come here to get some treatment from Dr. Ebeling. I had a malfunctioning Ileoceccal valve or something like that. I felt better, and my back was out of alignment and he fixed that so I was happy with the treatment and he is really knowledgeable. I’ve been to other chiropractors before and I felt like he was the most knowledgeable and respectful, he listens well and after a few days I felt better, kept feeling better and then I had an idea that maybe it would be a good thing for my sister to come in and get a treatment for her back. She got three treatments and the reflexes are better and she feels better and I feel comfortable that we accomplished with the treatment and whoever is suffering from a similar issue I recommend Dr. Ebeling because he made us feel better and we’re really, really thankful. You’re Welcome!

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