Before You Google a Denver Chiropractor or a Chiropractor Near Me, Read This First!

Before You Google a “Denver Chiropractor” or a “Chiropractor Near Me”, Read This First!

Before you go to visit a Denver Chiropractor or any chiropractor for the first time there are definitely some things you want to know before hand. Use this 10 point guide to check out the doctor you are thinking about visiting.

1.Do a GOOGLE search of the doctor’s name. You might be surprised what you will find. Are there any disciplinary actions by the state board against this doctor? Are there any malpractice claims or suits filed? Make sure you look deeper than just page one on Google results. Also add the word “malpractice” to the doctor’s name when you do a search. One good web site that may come up is called

2.Check out the doctor’s Google reviews from other patients. Are they all happy or was there an issue? Good to know ahead of time.

3.How many years has the doctor been in practice? Do you want someone who knows what they are doing or are you willing to trust someone with very little experience?

4.What techniques does the doctor use? This is important because not all chiropractors are the same. At last count there were 15 different schools in the country and 95% of all chiropractors use a generic technique called “Diversified” which might be “good enough”, but there are hundreds of different advanced chiropractic techniques, many of which are developed and taught outside of chiropractic schools. Will the doctor use his hands to adjust you or a special spring loaded tool? Is it a “real adjustment” or is it light pressure points? If you are not getting the results you want find someone who has more training.

5.What other therapies are available in the office? Is it an adjustment only or is some form of muscle massage available too? They work well together.

6.Does the doctor accept your insurance plan or will you have to pay all cash? Also remember cheaper isn’t always better and you get what you pay for.

7.Will you just be able to get your pain resolved quickly or will you have to commit to a long term treatment plan costing thousands of dollars? This is probably the biggest issue that potential patients have to face. There are definitely times when a longer treatment plan is needed, like if you’ve been involved in a rear end car accident. And there are many factors that affect how long your treatment will take. Some of these things include:

a. Your age (the older you are, the slower you heal)
b. How long has the problem been there? (the more years you’ve had a problem, the longer it will take to get well)
c. Are there complicating factors? (Things like pre-existing arthritis likely means you won’t ever be 100% better but with care you also won’t get worse)
d. How bad is the pain? (Severe pain means severe problem which takes longer to heal)
e. What’s the rest of your health look like? (Do you eat right, exercise and get enough rest or are you stressed out, smoke, and drink a pot of coffee a day?) This will affect your healing process.

8.What are the office hours like and do I always need an appointment? Can I just walk in? (Offices are set up differently. Some have after work hours to fit your schedule, but most are closed on weekends. How much time are you going to spend traveling to the office?) You might start your search by looking for a Chiropractor near me.

9.Will you be required to attend a “Spinal Care Class”? This is a workshop that some offices want you to attend, usually in the evening, along with a friend or spouse to get the “big picture” of what chiropractic is all about. It’s not good or bad, just good to know about it in advance.

10.What’s the parking situation like? Is it easy to get a spot, get in, get treated and be on your way or will you have to pay for parking or even be able to find a spot to begin with? Again, good to know up front.

Remember, Chiropractic is all about Helping You Live Your Life!

Robert Ebeling DC is a Denver Chiropractor for the last 25 years dedicated to helping you Live Your Life.

He uses a hands on approach to adjusting his patients and in addition to using Diversified technique, has studied and uses some advanced techniques as well including Applied Kinesiology which is muscle testing and Advanced Biostructural Correction for posture correction and scoliosis treatment as well as Cox flexion distraction for herniated discs.

Dr. Ebeling offers a free consultation and evaluation along with a 20 minute hydro massage therapy session. He can be reached at (303) 377-1755.

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