Too Much Sugar and Caffeine CAN Cause Lower Back Pain Denver!

Sugar and Caffeine and Lower Back Pain. So many people didn’t understand this concept this past week that I thought it was worth repeating. Do you think stress can cause health problems? Ok then. Stress affects your adrenal glands which … Continue reading

How Jaw Problems Can Be the Underlying Cause of Low Back Pain

Jaw Problems.  Another interesting case worth sharing. The body is a complex mechanism.  Like a Rubick’s cube, you can’t move one square without it affecting another.  That’s the way it is sometimes when figuring out a person’s problematic low back … Continue reading

Rear End Car Accident in Colorado

Getting rear ended and injured in a car accident in Colorado is bad enough.  In a previous article we already talked about some of the risk factors including being unaware of the impending crash, the position of your head and body in … Continue reading

Rear Ended Car Accident

So far we’ve covered the risk factor of Awareness of the impending crash and also the amount of G forces generated by getting into a rear ended car accident and injured at 5 mph.  In today’s post we’re going to cover … Continue reading