Simple neurology test to screen for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease of the brain.  Symptoms can include vertigo, weakness, difficulty walking, blurred vision, loss of balance, numbness, tingling, lack of coordination,  unclear thinking and more.  Since it affects the upper part of the nervous system … Continue reading

Too Much Sugar and Caffeine CAN Cause Lower Back Pain Denver!

Sugar and Caffeine and Lower Back Pain. So many people didn’t understand this concept this past week that I thought it was worth repeating. Do you think stress can cause health problems? Ok then. Stress affects your adrenal glands which … Continue reading

How Jaw Problems Can Be the Underlying Cause of Low Back Pain

Jaw Problems.  Another interesting case worth sharing. The body is a complex mechanism.  Like a Rubick’s cube, you can’t move one square without it affecting another.  That’s the way it is sometimes when figuring out a person’s problematic low back … Continue reading

Rear End Car Accident in Colorado

Getting rear ended and injured in a car accident in Colorado is bad enough.  In a previous article we already talked about some of the risk factors including being unaware of the impending crash, the position of your head and body in … Continue reading