Back Pain Remedies

Back Pain Remedies

I’m writing this blog post to Save You a LOT of Aggravation.

So many times people come to my office after they’ve already tried some back pain remedies and usually they are in much worse shape than if they had just not done anything at all.

So in this blog post I want to address the question of “Should I be using Ice or Heat for my back pain?”

The answer is “It depends”

It’s mostly a matter of time. Here’s what I mean.

When someone first injures themselves, the body responds by increasing circulation and blood flow to the area, bringing in all kinds of specialized blood cells to start the healing process. This will make the area swollen, red, and sore. Basically inflammation.

It also interrupts with the normal function of the area so you are forced to rest.

So inflammation is needed for the body to heal but it’s when it gets over inflamed that the problem can get worse. Applying heat to the injured area in the first 24-48 hours is going to open up the blood vessels, allowing more circulation to the area and more inflammation and is going to make your pain WORSE!

So the best course of action in those crucial first 24-48 hours after any injury is to APPLY ICE! I always tell people after they’ve been in a car accident to apply ice for the first 2 days to their neck and back, even if they are not feeling any pain yet because typically it’s the day after the wreck they start to feel symptoms.

So forget the other back pain remedies. This is the one you want to follow for new injuries:

Apply ice to the injured area for 20 minutes maximum and no longer. You will experience 3 stages when you do this.
1.It will feel cold!
2.It will start to ache and hurt! (Suck it up and get through it)
3.It will start to feel numb

This is what you want. The ice is taking down the swelling and inflammation and also numbing the pain. It constricts the blood vessels and prevents too much blood from coming into the area. Research has shown that going past 20 minutes begins to have a reverse effect.

Keep the ice off for 40 minutes and you can repeat the process if needed.

Typically you can begin to start alternating ice and heat starting the third day to help remove toxins and cellular debris.

Chronic injury back pain remedies
Heat is primarily used on injuries that are not new. It helps to loosen up tissues and makes things more flexible.

So there you have it. I hope this article helps and gave you some great value. Use it as a guide in your decision making process if and when you find yourself with a back injury. If you liked it be sure to share it with your family and friends.

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